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In the chancel floor are the following slabs:


1. Here lyeth the bodie of John Wynniffe, of Sherborne, in the countie of Dorsett, gent. father to Thomas Wynniffe, dean of St. Paul's, in London, and rector of this church. He dyed on the 27th of September, A.D. 1630, of his age, ninety-two.


2. Here lyes interred ye body of Robert Blomfield, gent. who dyed on ye 31st of August, in the year of our Lord 1602. And also of his three grandsons; of whom John was interred January ye 23rd, 1642; Thomas was buried Apr., ye 7th, 1644: and also Mr. John Blomfield was buried Dec., ye 15th, 1687. These three last were the sonnes of Mr. John Blomfield, gent.


There is a brass in the chancel floor to Robert Barefoot and his wife Katheryn. It has figures of a man and woman together with a group of five sons and another of four sons and ten daughters, also the arms of the Mercers' Company and a merchant's mark. The inscription reads:


Of your Charyte pray for the Soules of Robert Barefoot,
Cytezyn and Mercer of London, and Katheryne hys Wyff;
whyche Robert decessyd the XXV day of June, 1546. on
whose Soules ye Lord J`hu have mercy,


This Robert Barefoot had the manor of Lambourne from 1495 until his death in 1546, though his descendants held it until the commencement of the eighteenth century. Robert Barefoot held the manor of Lambourne, with its appertances, as of the hundred of Ongar, by suit at that hundred and the service of the wardstaff, namely: " To carry a load of straw, with a cart and six horses, to Abridge, and two men armed with rapiers (i.e. a short sword) to watch the said wardstaff. The straw might be for the wardsmen to lie on: he was also to repair so much of the paling of the park at Havering as bordered on the parish, when need shall be, according to old custom in lieu of all services. There was then a palace of the sovereigns of England at Havering."

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