Dear all,


May I first begin by wishing you, on behalf of all members of our churches, a very happy Christmas and a blessed and peaceful New Year. We have been through a period of great uncertainty and, the result of the election will probably add to that. We know we face great challenges from climate change as Venice and northern England and the islands of Melanesia can testify to the increasing nationalism and populism will testify.

However last night I watched D.I.Y. S.O.S. Children in Need special. In Blackburn a church, with the permission of the Diocese, offered a church hall to Night Safe, a charity housing the young homeless. With a fantastic army of volunteers the hall was transformed into a shelter with 6 rooms for guests and communal spaces. The evidence of the charity showed how effective there work had been and what more the new shelter could do.  The hall was next to the church, who were clearly very involved, and across the way from a mosque and a Roman Catholic church. Both were supportive and involved.

For me it was a sign of what our communities and the world could be like if we recognised the need and worked together to meet that need. As Nick Knowles says at the end of each programme you may not be a builder but you can do something. Let us accept this Christmas the joy of knowing God is with us and the determination to make 2020 a better year.

We can now record all those acts of kindness on the leaves forming 900 acts of kindness by the end of the year. Leaves can be found at the School, Lambourne Church, Abridge Village Hall and Doctors’ Surgery. If you witness an act of kindness just take a leaf, write what that kindness was. We will collect them and once a month pin them to the tree in Lambourne Church as part of our 900th anniversary.


Elsewhere in this edition you will see a list of all the services for the season. Do join us wherever you can. If you need transport please ask and we will do our best to find it. If you are housebound and would like Communion in your home the again please let me know.


Our November Cleanup saw Three Musketeers braving the elements and showing sisterly solidarity as they carried on through wind and rain. Hopefully, having given the darkest days a miss, We can start again on Saturday 8th February meeting at Abridge Hall at the earlier time of 1.00pm to make the most of the light and warmth. Please join us if you can.


Our Christmas Tea at the Vicarage is at 2.00pm on Tuesday December 3rd. Do join us at the Vicarage. Any money raised will go to the Children’s Society.


Don’t forget our community appeal to try to plant more trees and hedges.


2020 notes from Lambourne Church . If you have been married in Lambourne Parish remember the celebration service on Sunday February 16th at 11.15am. Please let us know if you are coming.

Don’t forget to collect, decorate and plant up old wellies ready for our walk of wellies for the Flower Festival.   





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