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The Wall Sculptures

In 1963 five figures were erected on the east wall of the chancel. They were designed by Mr. T. B. Huxley-Jones, F.R.B.S., A,R.C.A., a past President of The Royal Society of Portrait Sculptors.


The aim of the design was to be both helpful to the act of worship and to be an integral part of the architectural structure of the church. The Five Motifs, which have to be considered as one design to enrich the wall behind the altar are:-


(reading from left to right). The Infant Christ held by His Mother, to whom the church is

dedicated, in a pose symbolic of the future.


The Sermon on the Mount to epitomise the teaching of Christ.


The Central Feature - The Tree of Life. A Panel of leaves and living creatures; the fruits

of the earth and the elements of fire and water. The altar cross forms the trunk of the



The Deposition - Death.


The Resurrection with the grave-clothes falling away, and Christ rising in Majesty.

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